Tigard Neighborhood Trails Plan

The City of Tigard with assistance from Kittelson & Associates, Inc., and funding support from the ODOT-DLCD Transportation Growth Management (TGM) program, are currently working on a plan to improve bicycling and walking connections within Tigard. The Plan focuses on what are known as “neighborhood” trails. These trails are also known as cut-throughs, desire trails, demand trails, community trails, informal trails, short-cuts, and, and access ways. These informal trails are typically soft-surface and may occur on either public or private property.

Neighborhood trails are difficult to identify and monitor, but often provide critical connections. Through this website, we’d like to get your input on where these “neighborhood” trails occur. We also would like your help identifying potential sites for new neighborhood trails.

If you live, work or travel in the area, we ask that you please share your observations on where these trails are located. Your unique experiences are critical to the success of the project. The comments we receive will help us to identify opportunities to (1) preserve and improve existing neighborhood trails and (2) create new neighborhood trails to increase travel options within the Tigard community.

Please use the map below to tell us about existing neighborhood trails and suitable sites for new trails that you know of. Our current study area is within the City of Tigard. Please identify only those trails which occur within the boundaries and be as specific as possible, as this will help us to better understand your concerns.


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