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At KAI, we create transportation solutions for all users and modes to support livable communities. We believe successful transportation planning combines art (sense of place, site design, heritage and social values); engineering (infrastructure, block and street networks, roadway geometry); and community dynamics (listening, aligning aspirations, and fostering excitement). Our multidisciplinary professionals go beyond narrow transportation roles to craft solutions that are holistic and implementable, leveraging their expertise in land use planning, urban design, policy planning, visioning, landscape architecture, and engineering. From policy planning to Urban Design/downtown redevelopment planning, KAI's aim is to enable transportation to be a contributor, not a barrier, to a community's long-term economic competitiveness and quality of life. The planners, designers, and engineers at KAI work closely with public and private clients to ensure each piece of the transportation infrastructure is deliberately planned and designed with quality and respect for its role in the public arena.

For more information about planning projects and practices at KAI, contact Marc Butorac.

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Campus & Institutional Master Planning
Campus & Institutional Master Planning