University of Portland Campus Master Plan

KAI has a longstanding relationship with the University of Portland, provided transportation services to the campus for over a decade. These efforts have produced updates to the Campus Master Plan, revised parking plans, a Transportation Demand Management Plan, Special Event Plans for major sporting and graduation events, and several operational and design studies for multimodal transportation improvements to the campus gateways and campus transportation system.

The urban setting of this campus, surrounded by intimate neighborhoods and splendid vistas of downtown Portland and the Willamette River, required that parking and transportation be treated in ways that minimized intrusion and visual impacts. Logical priorities for parking had to be established, respecting the needs of faculty, staff, students, guest researchers, and visitors. Residential parking infiltration had to be eliminated in order to maintain harmony with the surrounding neighborhoods. Physical limitations to the campus required that parking expansion occur in structures, at much greater cost, which led to more emphasis being placed on transit accessibility to the campus and more campus housing being constructed.

KAI worked closely with committees representing faculty, staff, students, and the administration to devise a number of programs to better meet the campus access and circulation needs, while minimizing costly investments in structured parking. KAI continues to provide updated parking analysis services to help meet the University’s obligations to the City of Portland.