TCRP G-6: A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System

KAI was selected by the Transit Cooperative Research Program to develop a guidebook that transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and others can use to develop and apply a customer and community-focused performance measurement system. In response, KAI developed an extensive literature review involving nearly 200 documents; coordinated case-study interviews of over 30 transit agencies and private service companies with performance measurement programs; and identified, categorized, and summarized over 400 performance measures used in the transit industry.

The Guidebook was published as TCRP Report 88. It provides a step-by-step process for agencies to follow in order to match performance measures to agency goals and objectives, identify staff responsible for collecting and reporting data, and integrate performance measurement into agency decision-making. A set of selection menus help to quickly guide agencies to appropriate measures that match both their objectives and their staff and financial resources. Initial work products, including the annotated bibliography resulting from the literature review, were included in the project’s interim report.

This interim report is provided as a Background Document on a CD accompanying the Guidebook. The CD also includes an extensively hyperlinked version of the Guidebook, a summary of the Guidebook, a library of related TCRP publications, and software developed by others for the Florida DOT, providing quick access to and analysis of the National Transit Database.