TCRP B-38: Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations

KAI was the lead consultant for a research project through the Transportation Research Board that culminated in the publication of Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations. The research for the guidebook covered five primary modes of access: pedestrian, bicycles, transit-oriented development, feeder/circulator transit service, and parking for private vehicles. Station area typologies were developed for the line haul modes of bus rapid transit, light rail, heavy rail, commuter rail, and ferries. Researchers at KAI addressed past practices, best practices, cost and benefit tradeoffs, the pros and cons of potentially complimentary or competing access modes and tools to determine the best mix of access modes given the typology of the station area. The research also addressed issues such as transit ridership, land use planning, pricing practice and revenue generation, as well as other factors relevant to ridership and mode of access.