State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan

The State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan (TTOP) identified and prioritized transit and traffic improvements on the State Street/SH 44 corridor, between the future Downtown Boise Multimodal Center and SH 16. These improvements are aimed at evolving this 14.5-mile long corridor into an integrated multimodal corridor that provides auto, transit, bicycle, and walking opportunities.

The plan purpose was to identify, evaluate, and recommend the following:

  • Transit System: A transit route, transit running way location (median, curbside, mixed traffic), and service plan,
  • Transit-Supportive Land-Use Concepts: Location of potential TOD nodes,
  • Corridor Improvements: Improvements to enhance the traffic operations (intersection, ITS, arterial HOV lanes), multimodal accessibility, and access to businesses for the corridor, and
  • Implementation Plan: Projects and financing strategy over the next 25 years.

A specialized public involvement process was developed and implemented on this plan that included a 70-member Community Advisory Committee, a 10-member Technical Advisory Committee, and a Public Open House. Surveys, presentations, break-out sessions, mailings, interviews, email, fact sheets, and other tools were used to communicate to the advisory committees.

On October 13, 2011 the State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan was presented an award for Outstanding Plan by the Idaho Chapter of the American Planning Association. Click HERE to read more on Streetwise.