South 6th Street Improvements

KAI led a team that prepared the final engineering plans for the South 6th Street Improvements. This project included right-of-way acquisitions associated with 32 properties. The proposed access management plans that were established during the 50 percent design phase were further refined while working with the property owners between bid and construction documents. KAI established the final geometry of improvements and designed three new traffic signals (one a signalized pedestrian crossing), four signal modifications, and hard-wire and wireless interconnections. The pedestrian signal on Washburn Way (which has a five-lane cross section similar to SW Walker Road) was interconnected with one the adjacent signalized intersection.

KAI also prepared signing and striping plans for the roadway network and traffic control plans for the construction of a concrete intersection at one of Klamath Falls' busiest arterial intersections. The construction package included construction and standard drawings, project specifications, and special and unique provisions, as well as an engineering cost estimate. KAI led stakeholder, pre-bid, and pre-construction meetings, and assisted the City with preparing the required permits.