Federal Highway Administration MPO Benchmarking

KAI developed a benchmarking program that will be utilized by FHWA and FTA to establish the process for advancing objectives driven, performance based approaches in Planning for Operations for metropolitan and Statewide jurisdictions, as well as by US DOT in MPO Certification Reviews. KAI also developed a technical outreach roadmap that will be implemented by FHWA and FTA to develop and utilize an objectives-driven, performance-based Operations portion of their transportation plans.

Four interactive technical workshops were conducted across the country to showcase the completed “Reference Guide to Advancing Planning for Operations in Metropolitan Areas,” reference guide on “Model Transportation Plans that Incorporate Operations and Associated Safety Objectives,” and a “Reference Guide on Advancing Operations and Safety in the Statewide Planning Process.” Presentations were produced for FHWA Field Offices and MPOs to explain to local audiences the value of an objectives- driven, performance-based approach to operations in the transportation planning process, and how to develop an integrated regional transportation plan based on objectives and measures.