Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

KAI prepared a non-motorized transportation plan for the Fairbanks region for FMATS, the Fairbanks MPO. This plan focuses on the bicycle and pedestrian transportation systems in the region. The project identifed gaps and other deficiencies in the existing networks, opportunities for improvements, and policy and program recommendations. The final outcome of the plan included a prioritized list of projects and policy/program recommendations for implementing the vision for bicycling and walking in the Fairbanks region as it is developed through the project’s public involvement process; and (public involvement) is a fundamental component of the ongoing non-motorized plan.

Key efforts included:

  • Formation of an advisory group that includes representation from local neighborhood groups and citizens-at-large
  • A project website (http://fmats.project.kittelson.com/) allowing area residents to make comments on an interactive map or submit general comments via a feedback form (over 300 comments received)
  • An open house where area residents were able to provide comments via the project website at computer stations or on large paper maps.