Eagle Road Corridor Improvements

KAI worked with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and ACHD on the signal design, ITS, and signal timing for the Eagle Road infrastructure improvements in Boise. Eagle Road has reached capacity at many of the intersections during the peak hours and requires extensive future improvements at key intersections, as well as the construction of new traffic signals. KAI provided preliminary designs for modifications to traffic signals, signs and pavement markings, and illumination along the corridor. KAI completed final construction plans for the signing, pavement marking, illumination, and signal modification at the Interstate 84 Westbound Ramp/Eagle Road intersection. Subsequent phases of the project have included design of a state of the art Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) utilizing a new hub building, CCTV cameras, a DMS sign, and microwave sensors through the six-mile corridor. In addition, KAI completed and implemented updates to the signal timings for 14 intersections along the corridor. KAI also worked collaboratively with ITD and ACHD to produce final design plans for replacement of the existing inductive loop vehicle detection system on the corridor with a video vehicle detection system.