Corridor Cities Transitway Peer Review

The purpose of this project was to conduct a peer review of Phase One of the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT), as set forth in the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan, from the Shady Grove Metro Station to the Metropolitan Grove MARC Station. The CCT is meant to connect the cities of Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Germantown with a premium transit service. This transit service will help to provide a better transit option to existing businesses and residents, as well as providing significant development opportunities for this important bio-tech corridor. For this project, KAI focused on reviewing the planned grade separations by considering at-grade alternatives. By doing this, the firm was able to show a 50% decrease in construction cost with approximately a 10% increase in travel time. KAI was were able to achieve this result by implementing transit preferential treatments such as queue jumps, transit signal priority and others