Boise State University Campus Circulation Study

For the past three years, KAI has provided a range of transportation planning, operations, and design services to Boise State University. This work has included:

• Site specific analysis of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular transportation needs associated with new campus facilities and buildings including the new College of Business and Economics gateway building currently under construction;

• The planning and concept design for a new multi-modal transit center including evaluating transit service needs and programming, identifying transit design vehicles and staging requirements, evaluating options for the transit facility design and amenities, and preparing a concept design for the overall site layout and circulation;

• Developing a streets master plan for future street vacations and conversions of existing roadways to more pedestrian and bicycle friendly multi-model campus circulation routes; and

• Developing a master circulation plan for the campus that incorporates the recently completed Campus Master Plan, Ada County Highway District Roadways to Bikeways Plan, and recent street vacation and building construction plans to combine the existing plans for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles into a single plan that identifies the key campus access routes from the external roadway system and the key internal routes.