Matt Braughton

Senior Planner

Myb Matt specializes in multimodal transportation planning and operations, safety management, performance measurement, as well as GIS analysis and mapping. He also has experience with traffic and transportation analysis for impact assessments, active transportation improvements, and master plans. Matt’s recent projects include the City of San Luis Obispo’s Land Use and Circulation Element Update, City of Oakland’s Pedestrian Safety Strategy, as well as StanCOG and SJCOG’s Regional Transportation Plans/Sustainable Communities Strategies. More broadly, his planning work has included policy development, performance-based planning and programming, benefit-cost analysis, project prioritization, and safety assessments. Matt has worked with local, regional, and state organizations across a wide spectrum of contexts including projects in California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Wyoming, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Matt is driven by the desire to help create safer and more livable cities and regions by implementing performance-based and cost-effective transportation system solutions.