Chris Tiesler

Principal Engineer

Cbt As project manager Chris provides project oversight, coordination, and quality control. He had led and overseen a wide range of projects that include safety studies, multimodal transportation impact analyses, transportation system plans, access and circulation studies, functional roadway/intersection design (including interchanges and roundabouts), final design, and arterial corridor plans. He works closely with multiple sub-consultants and in-house experts to provide projects that meet the expectations of his clients, striving for the perfect balance of cost, schedule, and quality. He was a primary author of NCHRP Report 672, the 2nd edition of FHWA's Roundabouts: An Informational Guide. Chris is an active friend of the TRB Committee on Roundabouts (ANB75) and has assisted in efforts to update statewide roundabout guides for Kansas and Pennsylvania. Chris has also taught several short courses on roundabouts and the Highway Safety Manual in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Chris’ responsibilities include project management, design, marketing, client management, business development, systems implementation, quality control, account management, presentations, and proposals for public and private clients. He is also actively engaged in the development of strategic initiatives, business short-term and long-term goal setting, market/competitive analysis, marketing services, sales, growth, staff leadership, staff mentoring, and professional development goals.