Larry Van Dyke

Chief Financial Officer

Lvd Larry has significant experience serving as an instrumental member of and adviser to executive management by crafting and implementing strategic business-growth initiatives, creating powerful internal and external relationships, managing significant change initiatives, and driving all aspects of corporate finance and human relations.


  • Strategic planning, including strategy development, implementation, and alignment (balanced scorecard framework and strategy maps).
  • Financial management, as guardian of the bottom line; manager of the internal investment portfolio (both capital projects and investment funds); and manager of all accounting, financial analysis, budget, audit, and business service processes.
  • Business development, including both national and international merger/acquisition/joint venture conceptualization, planning, negotiations, due diligence, and post-event implementation.
  • Performance management, using business-driven reports and scorecards, quality level agreements, peer reporting, and development programs to create and sustain a culture of quality, productivity, and continuous performance improvement. Business-driven implementation of ISO procedures/certification to meet client expectations abroad.
  • Human resource management, including team and leadership development, change management, union contract negotiations, and benefits administration.
  • Risk management, including managing overall corporate risk exposure, contract negotiations, and insurance coverage. Successful at balancing risk minimization with business and operational needs.

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