Adam Vest

Associate Engineer

Adam_vest For over 12 years Adam has participated in a variety of transportation engineering, planning, and design projects throughout the United States and Australia. These include multimodal corridor and network studies, downtown master plans, bicycle and pedestrian performance measurement, transit accessibility planning, neighborhood livability assessments, non-motorized safety evaluations, and community outreach. Adam has spent the past six years in the mid-Atlantic region working with numerous agencies, including the District Department of Transportation, Baltimore City Department of Transportation, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Maryland Department of Transportation, and Federal Highway Administration.

Adam has led numerous multimodal corridor studies in the past few years, including a traffic operations road diet analysis, bicycle facility alternatives investigation, and pedestrian infrastructure expansion assessment on Florida Avenue NE in Washington, D.C.; the assessment of traffic operations, on-street parking, and bicycle feasibility on Washington Avenue in Philadelphia, PA; and the North Avenue Public Realm and Streetscape Planning and Preliminary Design in Baltimore, MD. Adam was also the Traffic Operations Manager for the North-South Corridor Planning Study in Washington, D.C., where he led the Alternatives Analysis at 125 signalized intersection in the 10-mile study corridor, investigating impacts from various transit enhancements, including mixed-lane streetcar, dedicated streetcar right-of-way, and dedicated bus lanes. Adam is currently leading two projects in Washington, D.C., including a multimodal corridor study on C Street NE and a detailed post-construction assessment and performance monitoring plan of various recently constructed multimodal projects in the District of Columbia.

Adam has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation Emphasis) from the University of Kentucky.