Amanda Leahy

Senior Planner

Amanda_leahy_(1_of_1) Amanda Leahy is a transportation planner with eight years of consulting experience on a wide variety of assignments for public and private sector clients. She has prepared site access and circulation studies, parking and travel demand management plans, multimodal traffic safety and operations analyses, complete streets studies, station area plans, CEQA & NEPA documentation, peer reviews, and grant applications. Amanda has helped to deliver successful projects requiring public outreach and coordination with multiple stakeholders. Clear communication and productive collaboration with the project team, the public, and decision makers is central to her work.

Amanda is passionate about strengthening connections between people and places through planning, engineering, education, and community engagement. She is particularly interested in exploring the relationships among transportation, land use, health, safety, and equity. She is a certified planner (AICP) and an active member of APA, APBP, and WTS.

Outside of the office, Amanda enjoys urban exploring, rural adventuring, pedaling around town, and pondering transportation technologies and innovations of the future. She is also a competitive athlete who brings the same dedication and drive to her professional practice.

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