Constanza Suarez

Senior Engineer

Constanza_suarez Constanza has experience in transportation engineering and design, with a significant portion occurring while serving as a consultant to FDOT. Since joining Kittelson, Constanza has had the opportunity to get involved in traffic design projects in Arizona and Oregon. Much of her work involves projects in traffic data collection, roadway characteristics inventory (RCI), traffic engineering, and highway and traffic design. She has collected and evaluated data, prepared contract documents on engineering projects, provided design support during construction, and completed traffic engineering studies for several Districts in Florida. For FDOT District 4 and 6, she has produced design plans, developed phase schematics, reviewed pedestrian safety studies, implemented Complete Streets concepts in ongoing design projects, evaluated and classified future resurfacing projects using Complete Streets Context Classification, and intersection safety studies. Constanza is originally from Cali, Colombia, but she obtained her bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of South Florida and lived in Tampa for 13 years before relocating to Fort Lauderdale.

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