Yuri Mereszczak

Associate Engineer

Yuri_mereszczak Yuri has participated in a variety of traffic engineering, roadway engineering, transportation planning, and transportation research projects throughout the US. He has contributed to projects involving transportation impact analysis, preliminary roadway and traffic design, final traffic design, signal systems evaluation, transportation planning, downtown and corridor studies, and research studies. Yuri has managed conceptual, preliminary, and final design projects involving urban streets, traffic signals, pedestrian and transit treatments, and roundabouts. He has also managed numerous projects involving the analysis of existing and future transportation impacts under a variety of urban and rural settings. Yuri has a strong background in performing preliminary and conceptual roadway and intersection designs and is experienced in applying various methods for analyzing and optimizing corridor and intersection operations. As a project manager, Yuri has an excellent track record of proactively addressing issues, and effectively controlling project scope, budget, and schedule.