Welcome to the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual.

The purpose of NCHRP 3-92: Production of the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual is to develop an up-to-date HCM that is directly relevant to the facility planning and design needs of engineers and planners in 2010. The manual will provide a comprehensive set of methodologies for quantifying congestion and overall facility performance and an integrated systems analysis approach for sizing facilities and for determining geometric design parameters. The approach will be applicable to automobile, truck, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian travel on a highway, street facility, sidewalk, or shared-use path in the public street or highway right-of-way.

The 2010 Highway Capacity Manual will have four volumes:

  1. Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Concepts
  2. Highway Capacity and Quality of Service for Uninterrupted Flow Facilities
  3. Highway Capacity and Quality of Service for Interrupted Flow Facilities
  4. Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Applications Guide

This website is intended to serve as a means of communication between the Production Team and reviewers during the development of the 2010 HCM. This site will be user and password protected. The principal purpose of the website will be to provide all interested parties a central source for up-to-date information. A significant section of the site will be devoted to the posting of documents for review. The site will also provide the reviewers directions on how to submit their reviews and what the deadline dates are for the submittals.