Visioning & Public Outreach

Meaningful public involvement is a hallmark of KAI's approach, and KAI staff works carefully to tailor outreach activities (e.g., open houses, workshops/charrettes, web and social media tools, surveys, citizen committees, etc.) to the unique characteristics of each community. KAI has seen firsthand the effectiveness of giving community members the chance to meaningfully participate in the process through a "bottom up" approach to involvement.

Through this type of approach, the users are actively encouraged to provide their input in a way that is convenient and empowering. Some of KAI's unique public involvement tools applied in this approach include: storyboarding the process; maintaining transparency; showcasing alternative development tools that you can see, hear, and touch; staging venues for optimal performance; hosting virtual open houses; providing interactive 3-D visualization models; demonstrating projects prior to selection and implementation; and showcasing dynamic adopted transportation plans.