Transit Signal Priority

Through the implementation of various transit signal priority (TSP) techniques, KAI helps bus and public transit users reach their destinations with fewer delays. In corridors where TSP has been implemented, signals will adjust timing when buses and public transit are approaching. This is typically accomplished by giving transit vehicles an extended green or reduced red at signalized intersections under certain pre-defined conditions (e.g., late arriving buses only). This allows transit to progress more easily through traffic and helps maintain transit schedules with more reliable travel times.

KAI has track record of assisting transit and local agencies to plan, design, implement and evaluate TSP systems. KAI has led multiple national research projects related to TSP including the NCHRP Report 812 Signal Timing Manual 2nd Edition and FTA Transit Signal Priority Research Tools, and has helped numerous agencies with their TSP systems nationwide under various transit and traffic signal system platforms. These agencies have included WMATA in Washington DC; People Mover in Anchorage, AK; BCT in Broward County, FL; JTA in Jacksonville, FL; LYNX in Orlando, FL; HART in Tampa, FL; MTA in Baltimore, MD; TriMet in Portland, OR; and King County Metro in Seattle, WA, to name a few.

NCHRP Report 812 Signal Timing Manual 2nd Edition

FTA Transit Signal Priority Research Tools

Traffic Signal System

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