Transit Planning

KAI has supported cities, counties, and transit agencies with long-term systems planning; transit operations (including transit signal priority evaluations and implementation); transit corridor alternatives evaluations; transit station area planning; and transit funding and policy development. We have completed this breadth of work on various modes of transit, including local bus and paratransit, bus rapid transit, streetcar, light rail, and heavy rail. KAI staff members have led transit alternatives analyses for several projects that are operational, including the Euclid Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (now known as the HealthLine) in Cleveland, North Shore Connector in Pittsburgh, Second Avenue Subway in New York, the Ybor City Streetcar in Tampa, and the Milwaukie Light Rail in Portland. KAI has been extensively involved in the development of Washington, DC's Streetcar, from planning to operations and design. KAI is the lead author of all three editions of the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCRP Report 165). KAI has also produced TCRP reports on implementing transit preferential treatments, optimizing transit station access, and benchmarking.