Streetscape Design

KAI understands that successful streetscape design leverages a transportation conduit into a true public space that is inviting for people to walk, bike and spend time in. Such streetscape design enables a street to become a business address, a gathering space, a venue for recreation, and ultimately a community landmark. Streetscape elements such as street furniture, street lights, landscaping, and wayfinding can contribute to the unique character of a street and the community it serves. KAI has in-house expertise in land use planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and wayfinding to complement our transportation and traffic engineering expertise. KAI's approach to streetscape design also expands the definition of a street from just the public right-of-way (ROW) to include the interface between private properties (and the buildings or other uses on it) with the public ROW. KAI engages with numerous stakeholders including residents, various agencies, and business owners to create inviting and walkable streetscapes that form the framework of healthy, livable communities.