Safety Planning & Analysis

KAI leads transportation safety-focused projects and integrates safety into overarching project development activities and performance analysis. KAI led the production of AASHTO's Highway Safety Manual (HSM), authored the FHWA Road Safety Audit (RSA) Guidebook, and led the development of crash prediction models. KAI routinely leads on-the-ground projects in which safety and design principles are applied as part of:

  • Road Safety Audits (RSA) for state and local agencies
  • Corridor and intersection studies that apply the latest in crash prediction capabilities from the Highway Safety Manual (HSM)
  • Freeway and interchange evaluations
  • Transportation safety action plans
  • Network screening to identify opportunities to improve safety across modes
  • Crash trends and patterns recognition and diagnosis
  • Design and cost estimates of specific improvements

KAI also conducts training courses to teach transportation professionals how to incorporate the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) and other safety-related resources into typical projects and responsibilities.