Performance Measurement

Today’s transportation systems must serve vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit vehicles. KAI provides national leadership and expertise in multimodal system analysis and evaluation. KAI can apply analysis techniques which allow agencies to assess system performance in a comprehensive manner for various users. On a national level, KAI supports agencies in developing, testing, and applying measures to monitor the performance of transportation systems. KAI produced the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) in 2010, and is leading production of a major update as part of NCHRP Project 03-115. Additionally, KAI staff developed the current HCM procedures for urban streets (all modes), signalized intersections, and roundabouts. Reliability, which considers the operational performance associated with non-recurring congestion, is an increasingly important topic for highway agencies and a key performance measure identified in MAP-21. KAI’s work in this field includes statistical analysis, development of analytical tools, identification and evaluation of strategies to improve reliability, network modeling techniques, summaries of best practices, training, and outreach for SHRP2, FHWA, and several state DOTs.