Complete Streets

Complete Streets are planned, designed, and operated for all users to travel comfortably and safely along and across, regardless of users' age, abilities, or travel mode. KAI understands that because transportation investments form a large portion of our public spaces, it is imperative that communities leverage these investments to promote broader goals for growth, equality, and sustainability. Streets help define communities by creating a framework that promotes commerce, encourages social engagement, and defines the identity of a place. KAI professionals provide engineering expertise with planning and design sensitivity to design Complete Streets that:

  • Expand mobility options
  • Spur economic growth
  • Improve safety for all users
  • Support sustainable growth
  • Promote healthy activity
  • Promote community interaction

Working with residents, business leaders, and elected officials, KAI has successfully created Complete Streets vision plans and guidelines, and has carried these to implementation in urban, suburban, and rural environments throughout the country.