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Future transportation planning and engineering practitioners are the lifeblood of the profession. KAI has been actively helping students discover and grow their passion for transportation since the very early days of the firm's existence. This commitment is deep-rooted in our core values as we continue to help develop and grow young professionals, as well as the profession.

Choosing an internship, an eventual career path, and an organization to work with are all significant life decisions. It is important to take the time and effort necessary to make an informed and thoughtful decision, which will likely have lasting impacts. The information on this page, including the sidebar links, provides students with a variety of information and resources that outlines basic considerations for evaluating these decisions. As students look through these resources and engage KAI, we also highly encourage them to reach out to a variety of organizations to get to know their people, clients, culture, and ways of doing business as a way of building a very well-rounded knowledge base to make these key decisions.


Do you want to engage firsthand in the transportation consulting industry?

Consider an internship at KAI and get ready to dive right in!

KAI interns hold the same responsibilities as an entry-level employee and participate in actual projects. Each intern is paired with a mentor, but is also encouraged to collaborate with staff across our many offices. You will work with us for three months, typically during the summer-though alternative arrangements are occasionally available. A successful KAI intern has an open mind, a genuine passion to learn about the transportation profession, the ability to critically think through and solve complex problems, and a drive to move the industry forward. We look for graduate and undergraduate students who embody our core values.

Because KAI may not have an office located near your school or home, placement is usually determined by an intern candidate's personality and interests rather than geographic location. Our past interns have joined us from universities all over the nation. Browse our internship-at-a-glance page for more details about our hands-on approach.

If you are excited to learn more about becoming a KAI intern, express interest to get the conversation started!

University Visits

Trust is a critical element in any relationship. Developing trust takes an important level of commitment from both parties. KAI is proud of the longstanding relationships we have built with so many wonderful universities and colleges across the country. These relationships have been strengthened through a variety of ongoing activities, including our annual pilgrimage to meet with students each fall.

Keeping consistent with our values, KAI staff at all stages of their career volunteer to visit schools each year to stay connected with students and help them understand the profession through real-world experiences. KAI staff visits upwards of 20 schools each year and makes a serious commitment to engage students and Professor Partners during these trips. As part of these trips, we also discuss internship and career opportunities with students.

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If I were to sum up my time spent at KAI, I would simply say, wow! . . . After wow I would have to say thank you because out of all the offices we met with, the KAI family was the only one that truly showed a personal interest in [my] developing career path. The experiences you shared and the helpful advice you gave really made a lasting impression in my mind . . . You made a huge difference in the expectations I had for my career.

Wesly Osornio-Centerwall, Walla Walla University Visit