Our Hiring Approach

Thoughtful and Informed

Independence and outward focus define KAI's employees and culture. We seek employees who take advantage of existing opportunities while also creating new ones for others. We look for potential employees who want to join us for a career, not just for a job. Because of this, our hiring efforts and activities are customized for each candidate to collaboratively determine whether joining KAI is a good fit, with the goal of allowing the candidate and KAI to make a thoughtful and informed decision. Our interactions are designed to expose individuals to all aspects of the company and working environment.

Whether talking with KAI or other potential employers, we encourage candidates to proactively guide and direct the interactions by asking questions and evaluating the prospective employer just as the prospective employer would the candidate. At KAI, we encourage informal office visits and meetings with small groups that allow the candidate to experience the working environment first hand and interact with individuals at all levels of the firm. It is common for us to put next steps back on the candidate to follow up with a summary of what they learned in the interactions, questions remaining, and their feelings about continuing our interactions.

After a variety of interactions where we and the candidate determine a formal interview is the next step, we may invite candidates to one of our offices; not always the office location nearest the candidate. Candidates are often asked to prepare written responses to questions prior to a formal interview. The responses to these questions help us gain additional insights into the candidate's interests, characteristics, values, and background. The formal interview allows the candidate to meet staff from all offices (via video conference) and often includes a firm-wide presentation. The presentation is typically conducted over lunch and focuses on a topic chosen by the candidate.

While these activities may involve significant time and effort, we believe this multiple-interaction-with-multiple-people approach is the most effective way for the candidate and us to make an informed career decision.

We encourage candidates to learn as much as possible about KAI during hiring activities. There are quite a variety of ways to begin this process even prior to meeting with us for the first time, including browsing the following pages:

Meet KAI Staff
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Following us on social media is also helpful to get to know our firm (reference links in footer)

If you think KAI could be a good fit for your professional career goals, express Interest to get the discussion with us started.

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Who We Are

Meet KAI Staff

It's definitely the people here who I learn from and work with that share the same values and work ethic. There's something powerful about that.

Erin Ferguson, PE, Associate Engineer, Oakland