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While we occasionally list current opportunities, KAI is continually growing and we are always happy to hear from anyone interested in joining the KAI family-from those fresh out of college to seasoned professionals. We look for potential employees who want to join us for a career, not just for a job. Because of this, we take care in our hiring approach to make thoughtful decisions regarding potential candidates, and we seek employees that take the same care as they learn about us.

If you believe there is a match between the characteristics and values we seek and you are committed to exploring a career path in transportation, please let us know by expressing interest below to get the discussion with us started.

KAI is an equal opportunity employer.

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My internship at KAI was like a paradigm shift for me and has since very positively impacted how I look at transportation and where I want to go in my career path.

Ann Xu, 2008 KAI Intern from Georgia Tech