Who We Are

A National Reputation, Built One by One.

We opened our door at Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) in 1985. The professionals who now define our reputation and quality of work came to the company one by one, each bringing the commitment, initiative, inquisitiveness, and willingness to take risks that has led to our collective success. We actively seek and promote personal, cultural and professional diversity, and our staff now represents more than 50 universities and 19 countries. The wide variety of interests and backgrounds of our staff have greatly expanded the firm's capabilities and expertise into planning, operations, design and research. Our engineers and planners are supported by an outstanding team of professionals that provide administrative, financial, IT, creative, and technical services.

Our staff is committed to our overall firm purpose and mission to

  • Create and sustain a lifelong learning environment for all staff,
  • Increase the value and contributions of our profession and the communities we serve, and
  • Provide the opportunity for the independent success of all staff.

KAI was founded by Wayne Kittelson with the goal of creating a workplace that allows transportation enthusiasts to pursue their passions while growing personally and professionally. Almost 30 years later, we continue to follow the same philosophy of operating as “one office in many locations” and support this approach in a variety of ways, including

  • Maximizing connections with one another,
  • Making all the firm’s resources available to all staff,
  • Actively encouraging and promoting internal exchanges between offices,
  • Operating with a flat organizational structure, and
  • Applying our one-firm approach to managing firm wide financials.

Our core value is most simply described as “outward focus”, which means we are committed to putting the needs of clients, staff, the profession, and family ahead of our own. Independence, outward focus, and trust define our relationship with our staff and clients. Through thoughtful and targeted educational and professional development opportunities, meaningful work, and a healthy and collaborative work environment, we seek to empower staff as they improve the larger communities they serve.

KAI seeks to positively affect the transportation environment and our surrounding communities through the application of contemporary academic analysis in innovative ways. We use state-of-the-art analysis procedures and techniques to improve the movement of people and goods. Members of the firm actively participate in national transportation research and professional committees. From long-range transportation plans to neighborhood traffic management, KAI combines transportation planning and traffic engineering to integrate solutions with community goals. Our staff specializes in the creation and implementation of innovative, cost-effective, and tailored solutions to the broad range of transportation issues facing our clients and communities.

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We're always looking to improve our transportation system in ways that are more holistic & allow us to evaluate how they are performing from a lot of different perspectives. Instead of just moving cars, it's about moving people in a number of different ways. It's also about how we can use the transportation system, & couple that with created strategies, to build the type of communities and places in which we all want to live.

Sonia Daleiden, PE, PTOE, Principal Engineer, Boise